Prudence Sinclair
Creator / Producer / Presenter


28 years ago Prue was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma and given only 6 months to live. Instead of dying she got educated and learned how to participate in her whole health and life. She studied anti-inflammatory and raw organic nutrition (Hippocrates Health Institute & Dr. Barry Sears, Zone Nutrition) and continues her education in the Quantum Model of Reality – the power of the mind to heal – and the role of Epigenetics (turning on your good genes). She re-wired her brain, changed her state, and healed herself of stage 4 cancer. Her tragic moments became magic moments, and she now dedicates her life to inspire, inform and ignite people to become CEO of their journey back to health and vibrancy.

Through her travels to Australia, Asia, Mexico, Brazil, Europe and the USA, Prue has attained education and expertise in Business, Human Resource Management, Health & Wellness, Natural Holistic Methodologies, Mindfulness and Meditation. Her work at cancer and mind-body healing clinics and research centers around the world have provided her with three decades of innovative healing therapies, techniques and abundant knowledge, which she now shares with others so they may heal their lives.

Her innovative, comprehensive 6-week online program “You Can Save Your Life” has recently been published to help people map out a plan to heal their lives. This course, which Prue calls “common sense medicine,” is for people struggling with stress, weight and body issues, cancer & chronic inflammatory diseases. Her program helps them to become passionate about their life and powerful beyond measure so they may fully participate in their life. All of Prue’s programs and services complement traditional and non-traditional therapies.

Prue continues to devote her energies and expertise to help others become CEO of their whole health – their whole life.