Patricia Sawchuk
Patricia was diagnosed with endometrial cancer.
Topic: Save Your Life – discover your passion and just do it.


Patricia was born in Canada but moved to Italy at the age of 19. During the 1980s, she became an aerobic dance instructor and landed a job as fitness manager in Reebok Italy. Though she was following her fitness passion, she soon became aware of stress she was dealing with on a daily basis from her new intense career. Ironically, the stress caused Patricia to steadily gain weight over the course of the next decade, and she also found herself dealing with early menopause.

In 2013, Patricia was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, which had spread to her lymph nodes, and in April of 2014, she underwent a radical hysterectomy and lymphadenectomy. In June she began chemotherapy but had to stop when she developed thrombosis of the left iliac vein. Later that year she began radiation therapy, and by November, she decided she was done with conventional treatment.

She turned to her dear friend and guru, Barry Sears, who counseled her on nutrition. Patricia then began to follow a strict Zone diet. Her new nutritional lifestyle had the added and very welcome side effect of a 25 lb. weight loss. Though she had been on the brink of death, for the first time in many years, people were telling Patricia how wonderful she looked.

She now counsels other women on health and lifestyle choices, so they can not only look good, but experience true health, mind, body and spirit.